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Let’s talk design fees

August 24th, 2022 by  Jordan Ocampo in Features

Quality assurance is GO Designs’ top priority for our customers when it comes to both our
services and our products. In order to provide that, we have spent over a decade dedicating
ourselves to perfecting everything we do. That knowledge and experience is what helps us to
deliver not only aesthetically pleasing product, but that which are also sustainable and tailored to
each individual project.


Let’s start with the basics, ‘Design Fees’. When one hears that, they may wonder why a
design fee would be necessary. The design fees that GO Designs charges aren’t just for any old
drawing plan. These plans are curated and perfected by our designers who always take great heed
to the needs and wants of the client, as to ensure an outcome that is truly authentic to our clients
and their homes.

At GO Designs there are two design options available: A traditional CAD Drawing and a
3D design both with different starting prices. The most popular choice is a 3D Design and here’s
why. With 3D designs the client is then able to have a much more realistic visual of what they’re
looking forward to seeing at their home after completion. It also allows a virtual walkthrough of
the space instead of only a bird’s eye view.

Once hired, GO Designs charges 50% to get started and 50% at presentation. GO Designs
will then visit the property to hand measure the space and begin putting a design together that
best meets what the client’s needs are.


Another aspect that comes into play is being able to build said designs with the right
amount of people to get that job done in a correct and timely manner. Doing things right is the
most important aspect of our work. Understanding how a client will best be able to utilize their
space as well as understanding how outdoor living and landscaping truly work, both individually
and together, are the two main components in doing exactly that.

What most people don’t know or take into consideration is how this major change to your
outdoor living space will hold up over the years, and that’s where we come in. For example, we
want to know how you plan on using your outdoor kitchen; how often? What are the components
that you’re looking for and how can we build space to be moving back and forth between the
cooking and lounging areas? This would apply to any other amenities as well as plants. The end
goal is always to build the most sustainable and high-quality living spaces and along the way we
will be available to communicate exactly what we’re doing and what the client is paying for.

Installation is done by El Paso’s best, GO Designs takes great pride in its skilled laborers
who know how to work with the materials being installed and have excellent product knowledge.
Just like our customers it is one of our main concerns that what is being built is done so correctly
as to ensure that it is safe and long lasting. There are also a lot of things that could be said that
are less spoken about when it comes to these sorts of projects, and those things consist of city
safety requirements. At GO Designs there is no “easy” way to do things if we want our clients to
know that their outdoor spaces/pools are safe for them and their families. For example, there are
rules by the APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) that recommend certain profiles
for swimming pools whether it be a pool for leisure, activity, or diving. These are always
acknowledged and followed to a T and will never be overlooked under any circumstances by our
designers or our builders.

At the end of it all, our prices reflect: knowledge, safety, perfection and of course, longevity. The
goal is zero mistakes and 100% satisfaction, so that in the long run there won’t be any need to
spend more to fix mistakes or rebuild additions. It’s done right the first time to keep it around for
years to come.